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Bringing some light to darker days

Homeopathic medicines are very helpful for acute grief, allowing the acute feelings to pass within days and to prevent the grief going deeper. Here are some specific remedies to try.

At this time of year with the leaves falling and the shortening days of autumn, with Halloween/Samhain this week and Remembrance Day approaching we may feel more reflective or be feeling difficult emotions in response to a bereavement or grief, whether from a recent loss or from years before.

Grief is an emotional reaction to the loss of a loved one or pet, the breaking up of a relationship or divorce, or the disappointment of losing a job or business, a home or precious object.

Loss and shock can show up physically in our bodies if it is unexpressed, as well as sobbing, sighing, tearfulness, sadness, longing and loss of appetite.

It is common to suffer from more colds and flu after a bereavement, as well as menstrual cycle changes, anxiety, insomnia, low mood and apathy.

Homeopathy for grief and loss -acute remedies

Homeopathic medicines are very helpful for acute grief, allowing the acute feelings to pass within days and to prevent the grief going deeper. Here are some specific remedies to try.

Arnica when in shock, you will say they feel alright and don’t want to be touched.

Ignatia is the remedy to think of in acute grief if there is lots of sobbing, sighing and hysteria.

Nat Mur if you are withdrawn, push people away and hide your tears and desire salty foods.

Pulsatilla if you feel abandoned, are very sensitive, easily moved to tears and crave affection.

Bach Flower Rescue Remedy as a general grief remedy.

These are not the only remedies to use for acute grief, but are the ones I see frequently in people.

Homeopathy for long term loss and grief

Grief should not be underestimated or bottled up as it can progress to chronic depression or a lowered immune system.

Homeopathy can help bring light back into your life and offers a safe and gentle option to stimulate your own ability to process your loss, to move through acceptance and to begin to find life more bearable.

The homeopathic consultation provides the time for you to talk about your feelings if you are feeling numb, angry, tearful, guilty, stuck or have never got over a loss. I have trained in counselling skills and offer a non-judgemental space for us to work in. Whatever you are feeling is relevant from a homeopathic perspective and helps towards me finding remedies to help you progress.

  • Homeopathy treats you as a whole person considering your emotional and physical symptoms together.
  • Homeopathic remedies are prescribed, acting gently and deeply to heal, mentally, emotionally and physically.

‘Jane is highly professional yet welcoming and made me feel at ease instantly. Jane has helped me massively over the past few months and I have also really enjoyed every interaction. Jane is calm, supportive and very knowledgeable at what she does.’

If you are struggling with grief or loss or have had physical symptoms since a bereavement and are looking to improve your health and well being I suggest you consider homeopathy.

If this sounds of interest to you and you would like to find out more about how I work or are thinking about booking a consultation please get in touch for a free 30 minute chat. I look forward to hearing from you.

You can find me at The Practice Rooms, Westbury on Trym in Bristol, BS9 3ED practicing face to face and online Monday-Wednesday. Appointment necessary.

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