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Homeobotanicals are concentrated blends of liquid herbal extracts and tinctures which have been diluted and dynamised homeopathically. They are not herbal medicine or homeopathy but are an extraordinary blend of both.

They are simple, safe and effective, working naturally to detoxify, balance and calm, they are nourishing and nutritive.


Homeobotanicals (or Hbs) originate and are sourced from New Zealand and the complimentary range of Homeoherbals (HHs) are made in the UK. They blend well with homeopathic treatment of acute and chronic illness and are selectively chosen to target and balance specific organs and systems in our body. They can also be added to creams, oils and washes.


The physical action of Hbs and HHs stimulates the release of toxins from specific organs of the body.


Both ranges assist in the assimilation of nutrients, vitamins, enzymes and micro-nutrients in one's diet and provides those found in the herbs themselves.

Synergestic & Dynamic

Hbs and HHs support and reinforce homeopathic treatment and stimulate healing within the body.