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Homeopathy for travelling well

Whenever I go away from home I always bring my Helios Travel Kit of 36 remedies, probiotics, sun cream and lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel and plasters.

Remember to bring your Homeopathic Remedy kit or remedies.

Whenever I go away from home I always bring my Helios Travel Kit of 36 remedies, probiotics, sun cream and lavender essential oil, aloe vera gel and plasters. Here are some of the top travel remedies to start with. Each kit comes with its own little booklet to help you choose a remedy but I give some suggestions below if you are not sure where to begin.

Dose: Take 1 dose at 15 minute intervals for 3-4 doses or until symptoms start to improve.

Remember: You must match the symptom picture of an illness or injury to the symptom picture of a medicine.

On the way to your destination if you suffer from the effects of motion sickness you can start using a remedy from your kit for TRAVEL SICKNESS.

The No 1 remedy is Cocculus:

  • for feeling travel sick from reading a book or watching moving objects out of the window, worse riding in cars, airplanes, train or boat.
  • The head, stomach and legs can have a sensation of emptiness inside and the back of the head may strangely feel like its opening and shutting! You may need to vomit.
  • Worse for loss of sleep (may have jet lag), eating, drinking and exertion. You feel worse for fresh air and better from sitting in a warm room.

The next remedy is Tabacum:

  • Feeling better for fresh cold open air and worse for car or sea sickness with vertigo.
  • Will go very pale or green and feel weak and feel deathly nausea.
  • You can feel better for uncovering your abdomen and being in cold, fresh, open air.

Try Petroleum if:

  • you feel nausea from any kind of rocking motion of car, train or boat with dizziness and ringing in the ears.
  • The smell of diesel or petrol fumes makes you feel nauseous, weak and faint and possibly hypoglycemic but eating will make you feel worse.
  • You feel better for warm air, closing eyes and lying with head up high.

You can also buy a homeopathic Travel Sickness combination remedy from Helios or Ainsworths Homeopathic Pharmacies which combines the 3 remedies above.

Jet lag

Flying causes dehydration, so drink plenty of water, avoid stimulants and fizzy drinks. Get up and move around a little. After a long flight our body clock is confused and needs help to reset. These 2 homeopathic remedies may help:

  • Use Arnica before, during and after the flight where your body is aching, sore, exhausted.
  • Take Cocculus if suffering from lack of sleep and long haul flights across time zones. Take before, during and after flight for up to 3 days after your journey.

Remedies for too much sun

Remember to respect the sun, especially if you aren’t used to it. Sunstroke can be fatal. If out in the sunshine for too long the top remedies to take are:


  • for a burning red face and headache with throbbing in the temples, with a rush of blood to head with pounding and feeling worse on the right side of head. Feels feverish.
  • the headache starts in the afternoon and is made worse from jarring, light and noise and better for pressure and bending the head back.
  • You may crave lemons or lemonade and desire drinks of cold water.

Glonoine – More severe reaction to the sun than Belladonna.

  • for a flushed face and feeling the head is so full it is going to explode with sensation of blood surging in the head, with flashes of light before the eyes.
  • Has waves of pounding pain and throbbing in the temples but cannot lie down so you sit with head in hands, feeling worse from 6 a.m to noon.
  • Heat and walking make you feel worse but cold compresses and sitting still helps.

Natrum Mur, feels worse in the summer, from sunlight and by the seashore, so can have a:

  • bursting blinding headache as if a 1000 hammers were knocking on the brain.
  • Photophobia with visual disturbances and pain over the eyes.
  • Suffering from tiredness, weakness and itchy, blotchy hive like skin rash.
  • you may have a strong thirst and craving for salt.
  • For cold sores, hay fever and sneezing from being in the sun.
  • Feels worse from sunrise to sunset and 9-11 a.m so are better for cool bathing, sleep, pressure and lying with the head high.


Belladonna for:

  • sunburn with burning, dry, hot, bright red skin, which radiates heat.
  • you will have a throbbing headache which feels worse late afternoon and into the night.
  • Craves lemons/lemonade and thirsty for cold water.

Cantharis for deeper sunburn where it is:

  • extremely painful with stinging pain and raw, burning sensation.
  • Skin is inflamed, red and hot with blistering and burning feeling as if on fire.
  • Large blisters with swelling which feels better for cold applications.
  • Burning intense thirst but will feel worse drinking, especially cold drinks.

Urtica Urens the homeopathic remedy made from the amazing nettle is a remedy for sunburn and prickly heat:

  • with intense itching, burning and stinging skin with raised, swollen red blotches.
  • may have shiny, red sunburn
  • Will feel worse for moving, touch, water, cool bathing and sleep.

Sol can be used before going into strong sun, for people who are sensitive to sunlight and burn easily and who have never felt well since sunstroke or sunburn.

If the body temperature rises too high, treat for shock and cool the person off quickly as possible with cold water and seek emergency care.

Soothing, cooling and effective skin treatments

Exposure to the sun causes dehydration of the skin. There are creams and herbs that help wonderfully to relieve sunburn, use:

  • Urtical ointment, Calendula or Hypercal cream.
  • Aloe Vera gel directly, or, break a leaf from the plant and apply the gel topically to help soothe sunburnt skin.
  • Bathing in a Chamomile infusion is cooling.
  • A few drops of Lavender essential oil applied undiluted or added to 250ml cool water and applied to the skin is cooling and anti-inflammatory. Pack these soothing and healing skin treatments in your travel kit and make sure to pack and apply sunscreen block or lotion before exposure to the sun.

Note: Drink cold water to help cool the body.

Helios Traveller Kit 36 remedies covering a variety of common ailments and injuries for the frequent and long distance traveller. https://www.helios.co.uk/en/shop/traveller-kit

Further reading: Dr Colin B Lessell -The World Travellers’ Manual of Homeopathy.

If you would like more information about how homeopathy can help with other acute ailments when travelling then contact me via my contact form.

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