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Homeopathy for seasonal colds and immunity

Homeopathy offers remedies that can gently bring natural relief for sore throats, coughs and colds. Read on to discover some common remedies which may help.

Homeopathy can be useful in preventing, and relieving seasonal colds, coughs and sore throats, flu and increase resistance to illness and improve resilience to stress.

Many people worldwide use homeopathy to limit and ease colds and boost immunity. Homeopathic remedies nudge the immune system into greater responsiveness to prevent illness from occurring or reoccurring.

Acute illness is caused by the invasion of a virus or bacteria in the body and the susceptibility of a person to get infected and ill. It is normal to get a couple of colds each year as it is a chance for the body to detox and strengthen the immune system to fight off future infections. More than 200 viruses can cause the common cold, about half of these are rhinoviruses which affect nose and throat, 3 types of influenza viruses (A, B, and C) cause flu. Covid 19 is caused by SARS-CoV-2.

Why do we get colds and why do some people avoid illness?

Cold weather and less sunlight increase the chances of respiratory illnesses, as viruses survive more easily.

As people spend more time indoors viruses can spread easily from person to person, and cold air outside can weaken resistance.

Modern day stresses like overwork and long term emotional stress tends to be detrimental to healthy immune function. Pollution, nutritional deficiencies and poor diet makes us more vulnerable to illness.

Lack of sleep affects how the immune system responds.

Previous antibiotic use can deplete the gut microbiome which can lower immunity.

Small changes to prevent illness

  1. Good hygiene and handwashing are essential.
  2. Take a Vitamin D3 supplement from September to April.
  3. Get quality sleep.
  4. If you’re feeling sick, take it as a sign to slow down and rest.
  5. As the digestive system is home to 70% of our immune tissue we need to support the gut. Take a multi-strain probiotic to support the function of the gut.
  6. Support your immune system with eating fresh fruit and vegetables high in Vitamin C and Zinc.

Homeopathic remedies to beat the cold season

Homeopathy looks at each person individually, so if you experience frequent or recurrent colds, sore throats or other illnesses it is worth having a homeopathic consultation. During the consultation a full medical history and family medical history is taken. This can show up patterns of illness and a possible trigger event can identify when your immune system became vulnerable. Regular homeopathic treatment can address weaknesses in your health and strengthen your immune system and response to stress.

Meanwhile there are homeopathic remedies which can be taken at the first sign of illness to halt it from developing e.g a sore throat can be prevented from developing in to a full cold. Or remedies can be taken to shorten the duration or severity of a cold or from descending into a cough, sinusitis or chest infection.

Homeopathic remedies for the onset of cold symptoms

Here are a few common remedies to try at the first sign of a cold. Take a 30c 3 times a day for 2 days. It is a good idea to have a homeopathic kit at hand.

Ferrum Phos for the early onset of colds, at the first sign of chilliness, sneezing or start of a sniffle.

Aconite for the early stages of a sudden acute if you’ve been out in the cold wind and got chilled.

ABC-Aconite/Belladonna/Chamomilla for first 24 hours of a cold with raised temperature. Great for children too.

Allium Cepa for common cold symptoms with much sneezing, watery eyes and burning nasal discharge.

Arsenicum for having a thin watery nasal discharge which burns the top lip and inside of the nose.

Anas Barb is a popular homeopathic remedy for flu-like symptoms. Taking this remedy as a preventative or at the onset of flu symptoms may help reduce the severity and duration of the illness.

Pulsatilla is for changeable symptoms with thirstlessness, much yellow green discharge and if you want sympathy and cuddles.

Simple ways to soothe and ease a cold

REST up and go to bed or wrap up on the sofa.

Drink plenty of fluids, hot lemon and honey is a traditional remedy. Freshly grated ginger may be added for a warming effect. Remove sugary and processed foods from your diet, and dairy if you are very congested and mucousy.

Take Echinacea tincture and Elderberry tincture or syrup. Calendula cream soothes a sore nose. Add Eucalyptus, Pine, Ravensara and Lemon essential oils to a base oil and massage into the chest or add to a steam inhalation. I can advise on stockists for this or see my Recommended Products on my consultation page.

Homeobotanicals (prescribed by me) offer various bespoke blends for colds and cough relief.

If you’re looking to manage your winter ailments more naturally, consider homeopathy, especially for colds. If your cold has progressed to a cough, or other infection then schedule a consultation with me to find out which remedies could be most effective for you this winter season. You can book in for a free chat here.

Please remember that this is not a substitute for medical advice, and in an emergency please contact the NHS or go to A and E.

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